Customers may get a durable Cricket-Practice-Football-Sports-Ground-Net from Eight Horses, one of the top Cricket-Practice-Football-Sports-Ground-Net suppliers and manufacturers in China, at a reasonable price. We offer customized products made in China and welcome clients to purchase our quality products. Please email us if you would like a free sample and quotation. We have enough products in stock.
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Cricket Practice Net Football Nylon Netting

Cricket Practice Net Football Nylon Netting

Eight Horses produces their Cricket Practice Net Football Nylon Netting by thermal spraying it and then cold-processing it. We used the best HDPE material available in China for our plastic perforated sheets. Known for having a high strength-to-density ratio, HDPE is widely used in the production of plastic bottles, geomembranes, pipelines that resist corrosion, and timber.

Product Name: Cricket Practice Net Football Nylon Netting
Color: Green/Blue/yellow/red/Black
Material: PP/PE/nylon
Length: 10-100m
Width: 1-8m
Mesh: 45*45mm
Application: Entertainment and Protection
Craft: weave/cutting/sewing/packaging
Lifespan: 5 -10years

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